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About Us


“NORMIS” Ltd. was founded in 2001. The company is licensed by the NCCD as an independent construction supervision of construction under number SNYU-767.

In accordance with article 166, paragraph 2 of the Law on Territory Planning  and Regulations for licensing the persons engaged in construction supervision, “NORMIS” Ltd. is re-licensed to carry out conformity assessment of investment projects and / or supervise construction with license № 000 065-LC / 10:06 0.2004 years, issued by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works.

By Order № RD-02-14-1582/20.11.2008 of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works   a manager change   in “NORMIS” Ltd takes place  -  architect Theodore Denev Dimitrov was replaced by Nikolay Bogdanov Nikolov.

A main  insurance of the company  for professional liability to Uniqa Ltd. has been made.The specialists from the firm have extensive experience and expertise in the design and construction of buildings in the country.

As business activity "NORMIS" Ltd. carries out the following:

• Prior consultation;

• Assessment of conformity with the essential project documentation requirements for projects / high and low construction, and all linear objects, known as Law on Spatial Planning/;

• Construction supervision;

• Technical passport;

• Energy audit and energy passport;