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Trade and Exhibition Auto Center Overdrive

Auto Center Overdrive was created not only to serve cars, but also to remind  for them - seen from the Trakia Highway, the red peaks of the building resemble car lights . In the overall architectural concept underlie many features that resemble other auto parts.

The building is located on an area of 4950 square meters with an area of 3594.20 square meters. The structure is separated from two main  parts on two levels - front solid part with the  function of a showroom for cars and motorcycles, reception, cafeteria and office area and the rear – the service hall.

The two main colors, symbolic of the facade and the interior solutions are graphite black and red, specific for the brand of  Ferrari.

Besides the originality of the building, its exterior solution, apart from being  functional and specific for the purpose of the  building internal division of the premises for repair and tuning of cars and motorcycles and commercial exhibition hall for the sale of automobiles and accessories, the building is interesting with its unique engineering decision on the rational use of energy and protecting the environment - trigeneration An  Energy Center is installed in the building where:

- from at least environmentally harmful fuels - natural gas,  electricity is produced  with the possibility of building excess electricity to be sold through the national power supply network to the  other users / NEC, CEZ /- the waste energy / from the exhausted  gas / is not discharged  into the atmosphere, but  is used:

1. for heat production and for heating  the entire building during the cold days;2. for production of cold and for cooling  the building during the hot days.
Such a solution  is rare / unique / for our country.



Sofia,  South Park neighborhood, block 27

tel: +359 2 963 20 53

fax:+359 2 963 26 05

e-mail: office@normis.bg

Building of the Year

 Trade and Exhibition Auto Center "Overdrive" - 2008 г.



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