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Warehouse for ready pharmaceuticals

This is the second entirely newly built, large logistics warehouse of Sopharma.

The Logistics Center Sopharma in Sofia offers the  unique system for Southeast Europe for storing medicines and sales management, developed by the Austrian company KNAPP. It is a fully automated system that distributes the received drugs in the center of their channels and then groups  into individual containers the ordered by our clients medicines.

The speed with which they move through the channels client containers is 6 meters per second and the capacity to handle both 300 client container in a minute , which increases 7 times the work efficiency. The system allows to be processed 30,000 order line items per day to customers, and  over 85% of them will be implemented fully automated.

The medicinal center occupies an area of 10,000 square meters and has 2400 pallet places  and 17 ramps for trucks and vans. Over 10 million have been invested in the project  and 25 new jobs have been offered.



Sofia,  South Park neighborhood, block 27

tel: +359 2 963 20 53

fax:+359 2 963 26 05

e-mail: office@normis.bg

Building of the Year

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Warehouse for ready pharmaceuticals ”Sopharma