Консултант и строителен надзор– Нормис София Нормис: Консултант и строителен надзор "НОРМИС" ЕООД, консултант, строителство, проектиране, консултантска дейност, язовиростроене, пречиствателни станции, електрически станции, енергийна ефективност, енергийнипаспорти, енергийни сертификати, оценка за съответствие


• Consultancy  in the course of urbanization procedures

• Defining the purpose of the Zoned Land;

 • Procedures for change of land use and land plots for development;

• Provision of  a solution  on the approach and character  of  construction of the Zoned Land; 

• Consultations on the specifics of the work of state and municipal authorities responsible for the construction and investment process. Informing investors about the requirements of the specialized control authorities and operating companies / NCCD, RNCCD -South Region, Directorate of Architecture and Urban Planning, etc. /;

• Preparation of  a comprehensive report assessing the compliance of investment projects with the essential requirements for building works.

The assessment includes checking compliance with:

• Estimates of the detailed development plan;

• The rules and regulations for spatial planning;

• The requirements of Art. 169, namely the solidity, stability and durability of building construction, fire safety, life and health protection  of the people and their property,  safe use of construction, heat energy saving;• Mutual consistency between parts of the project;

• Full and structural compliance of the  engineering calculations

• Regulation  № 2 for the fire safety building and technical norms;

• Sanitary-hygienic norms 

We provide conformity assessment  for projects  for all types of construction of I, II, III, IV, V and VI categories mentioned in Art. 137, Line  1 of / Law on Spatial Planning/The Construction Supervision consists of  the following:• Lawful commencement of construction;

• Completeness and proper drafting instruments and protocols during construction;• Implementation of the construction under the approved projects and the conditions of the  construction permit;

• Control of compliance with the safety conditions at work according to the design of the construction organization;

• Protecting the environment during the execution of the work;

• Quality of the used building materials and products and their compliance with the safety standards;

• The proper implementation of the construction works;

• The suitability of the  building commissioning;

• Preparation and signing of  all documents and reports during construction, necessary to assess the building as required for safety and legality of their implementation under the Law on Spatial Planning and Regulation  № 3 on the acts and records compiled during construction issued by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works.

Preparation of a technical passport for:

• New developments which will be put into service;

• Existing facilities / after inspection of the site.Carrying out detailed energy audits (energy audit) of the building and preparation  of an energy passport for:New construction sites  which will be put into service;Existing sites.